CASIC SHENZHEN Conducted Training on the Basics of International Projects

Aerospace Science & Industry Shenzhen (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shenzhen Aerospace) organized a two-day training course on the basics of international projects starting from 17th March till 19th March 2019. Deputy General Manager Yu and the staff of Shenzhen Aerospace participated in this training course.

The course centered on frontier issues of international business transformation, prevention and control the risks in international projects, instruct the legal affairs of international projects and overseas market compliance operation, using typical cases and future trends to give detailed explanations of international issues.

Deputy General Manager Yu pointed out that Shenzhen Aerospace is progressing the international operation with advantages and core competence while maintaining stability. He encouraged all staff using own strengths and tap own potential together for making Shenzhen Aerospace better development in the future.

This training course has laid a good foundation for Shenzhen Aerospace’s transformation towards international projects. Shenzhen Aerospace is the main international operation platform of civil products from CASIC. The company will continue organize relevant training course about international project issues for further transition and upgrading.